The School History

Our First School was a Home School in Detroit, Michigan (1930's).

The Home School was started by concerned African American mothers who were members of the Nation of Islam. In their desires for a Quality Education for children they fought and won the right to home school , (Detroit 1930's). These women and mothers believed the public education system was not beneficial to or for African American children.  Clara Muhammad, wife of Elijah Muhammad was one of the courageous women.

After Elijah,  Clara Muhammad's husband served his time as a Conscious Objector, the Family moved to Chicago, Illinois.

The School was named the "University of Islam" and fondly referred to as Muhammad University of Islam

Eventually a building was acquired in Chicago, and a second School was opened.

The Black Community began enrolling their children. (Detroit and Chicago). 

Time Capsule:

By the 1960's there were University of Islam (UOI) in Michigan, Illinois, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. By the 1970's, we were still expanding, with Schools in Tennessee, Mississippi and Texas etc.

By the early 1970's there were University Of Islams (MUI) through out America and outside the U.S. in Bermuda.

1975-76  UOI  was renamed Clara Muhammad School Elementary and Secondary after is strongest supporter and co-founder, Sister Clara Muhammad.

The name change was made by her son, and UOI Alum, the late, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed (RA).

By the early 1980's there were CMS across the united states, in major and minor cities. Some states hosted multiple schools. For example Flint and Michigan, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. New York City and Corona.

199o's Warith Deen Mohammed High School, Atlanta, Georgia.

Please Note: There are Schools that are apart of the Muhammad/Mohammed School System and apart of the CMS Consortium that do not carry the word(s) Muhammad/Mohammed in their names.

The National Alumni Association (NAA) recognizes and welcomes these education institutions.


The UOI and CMS National Alumni Association is not concern with who your significant other is,  blue, green or purple you are welcome, we are also not concern with your religious status, Buddist?, Christian? Muslim? or Spiritual? You and yours are welcome.  

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