Your School or Nominate a School

for the Next SOS Program.

​Submission Deadline  August 2021. 

​Your Name, City and

State, Email, Cell Phone Number. Name of the School.

Please list why you think the School can benefit from the CMS NAA'S SOS Program.


  naa provided services:

  Transcript Requests

  School Locations and Recommendations


  Event Planning


  Chapter Start-up Assistance

  Please Visit Often 

Thank You




Our 2014-2015 SOS Nominee:

Clara Mohammed School,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

2016-2017 SOS Nominee

Start up consultation & assistance for a 

Clara Mohammed School

Detroit, Michigan

​2020-2021 SOS Nominee
Clara Mohammed Schools
Queens, NY and St. Louise, Mo

The National Alumni Association's

S.O.S. Campaign

The CMS NAA will  travel and host a Fundraiser in partnership with an established CMS Consortium School every Two (2) year.

​All Proceeds from said Fundraiser minus N.A,A. costs (travel and accommodation ) will be presented to the Designated Area School (certified check), no later than the first Business Day after the Fundraising Event.


Sadly the many fundraising attempts to assists Muhammad/Mohammed  Schools and Students  by groups and organizations have not been successful enough to be beneficial.

Our hope is that once the Nominated School are informed that they have been chosen a S.O.S Candidate, and they accept, we will work together to Hosts meaningful and productive Fundraiser(s) for their School.

The NAA is committed to assist and support in all ways possible, the success of their School Fundraiser(s). Schools are welcome to present their school as an potential Nominee.

​​ ​

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