Chief Executive Officer, Infinity: Diversity Matters, LLC

Greta Peay joined the Clark County School District (CCSD) in 1987, within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, Charlotte, North Carolina. She retired from the Clark County School District. as Chief, Instructional Services Officer, where she was responsible for divisions (short list):

Adult Education and Alternative Education;
College and Career Readiness;
English Language Learner/Literacy Programs;
Equity and Diversity Education;
Grants Department, Title I and Title II Federal Grants;
Indian Education Opportunities Program;
Student Services Division, Special Education.

HONORS and AWARDS (short list)

Excellence in Education: Dr. Stella Parson, 2018, Parent Citywide Impactful Women Trail Blazer in Education, 2018, Educator of the Year - Black Caucus, 2013, Clark County School District Chief of Police Outstanding Leader Award, 2011, Clark County School District Hall of Fame, 2000, Minority Affairs Excellence in Education Award, 1989, Who’s Who Among Educators, 1980,

Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. A Public Service Sorority, 1975.

Dr. Greta Peay attended a Historic Black University in Durham, North Carolina; North Carolina Central University. She is licensed in two states; North Carolina and Nevada. She earned a diploma in cultural diversity from the Intercultural Research Academy.

Each Conference has been so Very Special!

Every conference has offered a caliber of Presenters who are  stands out as beinfg special.

IWC  success has been because of the caliber of Presenters. Each have committed to IWC Mission and Vision and the;ir excitement in bringing what they do and then presenting in the most creative and Excellent manner has been what separates IWC from other conferences.

                                    KHALIFAH MAT-BEY


          Southern Los Angeles Bureau of Tourism and Trade

International Trade, SoLaLogistics mission is to increase bilateral trade and investment opportunities for small and medium sized businesses interested in importing or exporting goods and services between the U.S., Africa, and Latin America.

Founder, Khalifah Bey has 35 years administrative experience managing detailed coordination of complex operations involving many people, facilities and suppliers.

She received her Certification in Advanced Exports from the District Export Council of Southern California Export University; she is MSSC Certified as a "Material Handling Specialist" and a "Global Logistics Technician", and received her Certification in "Leadership in Global Logistics" at East Los Angeles College.

She recently started SLABTT to structure tourism and trade in her community area of Crenshaw Boulevard and Leimert Park.

Ms. Bey is known as the Ambassador of Leimert Park in Los Angeles, California

This event is for women, girls and teens, by women, in support of Women Global and women organizations and business.

Please share this event with family, friends, and associates, Thank you in advance.

                                                                                                   SIMONE JONES, M.S, CPC-Intern

                                                                                                       Therapist Intern/ Life Coach

                                                "Your diagnosis does not define your destiny; it is temporary. Your destiny is what you make it." 

Confident, Resilient, and God loving. " Simone is a survivor of many of life's toughest curve balls that have been thrown her way.

Simone wrote her first book in 2015, entitled Not My Mama's Faith, and attained her master's degree in 2017.

She is now persueing her required hours for Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

Simone number one passion is to bring awareness and understanding to the other "silent killer",  She would like us to view  mental health awareness  as something that everyone should be able to embrace, understand and make use of the many manage and coping services and skills available to them.

"Your diagnosis does not define your destiny; it is temporary. Your destiny is what you make it so let's make lemonade with the lemons you were handed and sip as we go."

3rd Annual International Women's Conference   2019  Keynote Speaker, Special Guests and Workshop Presenters

Photographs of Presenters and Vendors

First International Women's Conference

Pasadena, California


Photographs of Presenters and Vendors 

Second International Women's Conference

Detroit, Michigan


Sponsors Needed

Please help by supporting the Youth and Teen Lunch.

Your sponsorship will allow IWC 2019 to offer the event free to youth and teens and organizations that support youth and teen interests and services.

Time is limited. Advance Registration is mandatory for youth and teens.


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